Satisfaction creates trust

Our customer’s confidence and satisfaction are very important to us as we know that this is the only way we can continue to expand and ensure our success in future.

But why do we have satisfied customers? We regard each of our customers as an individual and an important person. Each order is its own challenge and asks us to give our very best. Our flexibility is the key to „make the impossible possible“.

The staff of LZ Logistik GmbH works at a high level of professionalism and never loses the most important thing – the human touch and the enjoyment of their work.

Our performance = your success

Our customers receive their own designated contact partner.

This is particularly beneficial in the joint implementation phase and the customized operational structure. What’s more, you are provided with a sophisticated transport solution, having its own truck fleet and comprehensive services from one source, including coordination in real time during the entire transport procedure.

Know-How and flexibility

The IT-controlled warehouse management combined with quality control provides ongoing flexibility, speed and assurance.

Above and beyond, we provide you with our long-standing expertise and ensure short and fast decisions – one of the benefits of an owner-operated business.

Quality and safety

are a big issues for us and
therefore we have our work certified.