Contract logistics for many products

For many customers we are a reliable and long-standing contract logistics service provider. The products for which our warehouse is designed range from natural resins and waxes to pigments and food additives and all the way to special chemicals for various industrial uses – not only for logistics companies, but also for industrial and commercial partners.

In addition to long- and short-term storage, we also take on many of the duties which simplify the logistics process for the customers.

Our services for an uncomplicated logistics process

These include, among others, the cross-docking for paper and cellulose in bale or roll form. We gladly take on the filling of goods from big-bags into bags, from bags into big-bags, from bags into bags or from big-bags into big-bags. And, the crushing of various materials in the break dimensions of your choice belongs to our range of services, and display constructions, as well.

Naturally, the standard tasks of a logistics service provider are also part and parcel to our range of services, such as:

  • picking and packing
  • manipulation
  • conditioning 
  • refining
  • disposing of waste
  • finishing

Sample storage including shipping

In addition, we have a sample stock with worldwide shipping in store for our customers – this, of course, in accordance with the strictest hygiene regulations and the newest methods of filling and packaging.

Quality and safety

are a big issues for us and
therefore we have our work certified.