Our insulated and heatable halls offer ample space and security for your goods. As the hall floor is free of wear and tear and is laid out for a load of up to 10 tons per square meter, the storage of heavy goods is no problem, either.

The loading and unloading, as well, can be handled at any time without delay thanks to 14 loading / unloading ramps.

In total, the area of our warehouse consists of 21,000 m² with an additional 5,000 m² in the outside area.

Food standard hygiene

We set a high degree of value on hygiene. As we have many customers from the area of food stuffs and food additives, only the strictest hygiene standard is good enough for us. So, we have implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

In addition, we work together with the company “Protectis”, a well-known and respectable external service provider for pest control.

Safe for sure!

For the protection of your goods, our site is permanently kept under surveillance by video cameras in both the inside and outside areas. Further, our premises are fenced in on all sides and are protected by two electric iron gates.

In regard to fire prevention, all of our space is equipped with the smoke detectors which are directly linked to the Fire Service. And, of course, in cases of emergency such as fire or burglary, the police are linked into the alarm system and will be notified. Additionally, our site is under 24-hour surveillance by the security experts of the WAKO Nord GmbH by means of remote signaling through an alarm system. In addition, we have installed automatic smoke vents in the roof structure.

So that these safety measures are consistently kept up-to-date, we are regularly checked by the Work Safety Authority (SVG) in regard to security technology and industrial medicine.

We like to convince

As you see, your goods are very well protected – from burglary to theft, fire and pests.

If you are interested, we will gladly make an appointment with you to view our premises. We will individually show you our warehouse and transport capabilities. We look forward to your query.

Quality and safety

are a big issues for us and
therefore we have our work certified.